CPA Firm, Accounting, Tax & Business Consultants - The Morison Kak & Associés' team

Our Firm

If you are looking for Auditing, Accounting & Tax solution or you need Business advisory, your best option is certainly Morison Kak & Associés. To make sure of your choice you are entitled to know who we are.

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A network of accounting, tax and business consultants and professionals - Morison International

Our Partners

To best serve our clients, Morison Kak & Associés joins a well known International network of accountants, auditors, lawyers, tax consultants and business experts: Morison International.

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The lead local CPA firm for Accounting, Audit, Tax & Business Consultancy in Cambodia.

Our People

As an Auditing, Accounting & Tax consulting Firm, our services are provided by well trained, talented and highly competent men and women. At Morison Kak & Associés, staff is our most valuable asset..

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Certified Public Accountants with a Passion for Excellence

Following years of education, training and work experience in Europe before coming back to the country, Morison Kak & Associés’ management team is comprised exclusively of Cambodian citizens, for whom a passion for excellence is a commitment to uphold the following:

  • to serve clients with only first class services,
  • to serve clients within the framework of professional Ethics in which integrity, independence and confidentiality should be constantly checked from top to bottom,
  • to double check the quality of works provided to clients through quality control procedure of related professional standard.

The culture of a passion for excellence is embraced by each Morison Kak & Associés’ staff member from the very beginning of his/her career in joining the Firm. To maintain this culture up to Firm’s standard, all staff are constantly reminded the following:

  • to update knowledge and skill through commitment to follow the Firm’s training policy,
  • to behave as top professional while on assignment,
  • to preserve at all time the good image of the Firm.

At Morison Kak & Associés, everything we do, we do it to keep our current status: being a lead local Accounting and Auditing firm in Cambodia.